Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tragic Hollywood Beautiful Glamorous and Dead is finally here!

Improved second edition with more and larger photos! Have you always been fascinated by the morbid side of Hollywood? Did you cut your teeth on books like Hollywood Babylon, and shows like Mysteries And Scandals? This book promises to deliver all the salacious details about the stars you remember, not for their films, but for their tragic short lives. What really happened to Natalie Wood aboard The Splendor that cold November night? Was Jayne Mansfield really decapitated? Just how decadent were the days of the silent movies? Maybe you think you've heard it all? Trust me, you haven't! Chock full of new details, shocking photos and even a segment on haunted Hollywood, you've never seen a book quite like Tragic Hollywood. Read about the unbelievable thing that happened to Errol Flynn AFTER he was dead. Find out why Sharon Tate is said to haunt her Cielo Drive neighborhood to this day. You will not be able to put this book down! These stories are delivered with a wit and poignant observation that will leave you saying "WOW"

Welcome to the site for the book Tragic Hollywood Beautiful Glamorous and Dead! This is where you can purchase the book directly from the author and save money! This is also the only place where you can receive an autographed copy. Be sure to request this when checking out. You will love this book!

Book is scheduled to ship the second week of January!

Please, International buyers do not buy yet. The shipping has not been calculated. Please contact me via the Tragic Hollywood page if you wish to purchase a signed copy and you live outside the US. Thanks for your patience!